Certificate Course In Yogic Practice

This course is designed to keep yourself physically, mentally and spiritually healthy during the 3 months.

You will be able to know the Ashtanga yoga of Maharishi Patanjali along with the hatha yoga given to human beings by the offerings of Indian mystics and sages.

Certificate Course In Advance Yogic Practice

In this course of 120 hours in 6 months, primary practice of Yogasana, Pranayama will be done in the first three months.

After this, an advanced version of rugs will be practiced for the next three months. Also, there will be an effort to take Pranayama to a higher level.

At the same time, along with the concept of Hatha Yoga in practical as well as theoretical papers, information about Mudra and Bandh will be given.

Also the Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjal Yoga Sutra will be explained in detail.

Yoga Instructor Course
Yoga Instructor Course

Yoga practitioners who already have primary knowledge of Yogasan, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha will be made aware of their nuances.

Which asana will be beneficial for which disease and which disease it can cause harm, detailed information will be given.

Detailed information about how people suffering from various diseases like diabetes, Low BP, High BP, Cervical spondylitis, lipped disc, sciatica problem, obesity, acidity, depression, hypertension, etc. should be given.

The limitations of yoga in relation to the disease will also be explained. So that you can leave your mark among people with full maturity. Also, how should a yoga teacher present himself/herself with people, i.e. Training of a proficient Yoga teacher will be given.

Parikalp Holistic Wellness Program

The will be imparted to those who are already well versed in various disciplines of Yoga, Medical, Physiotherapy, and other healthcare. What is called Parikalpa Kriya and how will you be able to give a new life to the patients by connecting it with their respective disciplines, full details will be given.

Family Nutrition
Certificate Course In Family Nutrition

Course will help you to understand Basic concepts of Nutrition, Introduction to different common ailments and nutrition therapy , Course includes application of Nutrition for different age groups.

Certificate In Pranayam

As a Yoga teacher, you will be given information about how to start Pranayama. Also, in which disease and in which season, which pranayama should be done in which ratio, it is very important to know. By practicing it in a month, you will be able to experience its positive effect on yourself.

Yoga & Chronic Disease Management

During this course you will be able to learn which posture and pranayama can be effective in which disease. It is very important to know how to increase the therapeutic speed through yoga.

In this course, it will be told that when the same person suffers from many diseases then how to bring him in the yogic remedial process, because some asanas can cure one disease, then the same asana can increase other diseases. Therefore, full training of yogic subtlety will be given.

Child Yoga & Nutrition

This program is specially designed for the skilled child care personal. What kind of yoga should be given to children of what age as well as what its diet should be. Special training will be imparted on how to engage children in sports and yoga and how to turn from unhealthy diet to healthy diet.