My Gurudev

Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas is a man of a few words, but then most mystic men are usually quiet, letting their aura and their miracles speak for themselves.

Known as Guruji amongst his disciples and devotees alike, Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas comes across as a simple man, fond of gardening, teaching hath yoga to students in Varanasi for the most part and now in Gisborne, where He permanently resides after being recognised in Australia as a spiritual master.
The tranquil veneer hides an accomplished Master, of the lineage of Paramahansa yogananda, the author of “autobiography of a Yogi”, Guruji has devotees across the world, each one a living manifestation of how lived can be transformed under the Grace of a Guru.

Guruji prescribes no charms or magic or short cuts to the path to inner liberation; He believes that every human being is born with the privilege to transcend their worldliness and to achieve liberation provided there are the twin flames of discipline and commitment in the aspirant.

As sages and seers of India have always been depicted, Guruji is a mystic with the most compassionate heart, nobody who has come to Him has been turned away without finding the cure to what ails him.

To try and describe the Grace of Guruji would mean to try and condense the Sun into a box but the truth remains that the world is always graced by enlightened men walking amongst us and Yogi Prakash Shankar Vyas is the embodiment of enlightenment itself.