The wisdom of India can be said to be like a garland of flowers, each flower denoting a mantra which has the propensity to intoxicate us with its beauty and the abundant peace it brings to our mind and sense of well being. The ancient scriptures of India are replete with various mantras, each having the penchant of bringing stillness and bliss into our lives.

What is a mantra though? To explain succinctly, it is that repetition of a word which brings serenity the mind and heart, the pinnacle of its beauty can be experienced when a mantra is uttered by the Guru Himself. Seemingly a mantra is no different from a word or sentence, except that every word carries the ability to evoke feelings within us. Similar to the joy that the heart experiences at the gurgling of a child or the sagacious words of a saint, some words can be therapeutic, while words spoken with harshness by our enemies can cast deep wounds within our hearts that scar us forever. No matter what the emotion that words, hyms or reciting the scriptures might evoke in us, the truth is that most words bind us to this world and its karmic activities.

To simplify it, Words are of two kinds, the spoken word and internalized word; while the spoken word attaches us to the things of this world, the words chanted internally, which free the man from bondages, is in essence called Mantra. The mantra is transmitted in a precise manner to seekers through the process of initiation and it is this process and the subsequent chanting of the mantra that gives rise to the act of meditation and it is through meditation that the individual can find his true Self.

This science of eternal vibration was born in India and prospered across the ages, through dynasties and epochs of time, blessing all those who came into contact with it; it is only now that in India, the heft of the Mantra has been undermined and devalued. It is unfortunate that seated with us is the Source waiting to be revealed to us, and yet we wander helplessly in the outside world, anguished with pain and sorrow not knowing that what we seek lies within us, wherever we go.

My humble plea to all would be that we spare some time to be able to see within ourselves to be able to find what a treasure it is that we harbour within. The beautiful transformation that can take place from feeling pessimistic to being an optimist can happen by the sheer dent of accessing the ancient wisdom of mantra chanting. It is our divine fortune that we are the children of that Earth which holds the secrets to the universal truth for all those who have to capacity to receive it. It is through this divine wisdom that we can access something greater, more beautiful than how we view ourselves in our limited perspective.