Indian Culture

Indian culture is derived from deep inner and spiritual wisdom of the ancient Yogis, Rishis and munis of India who set an exemplary and superior example of culture and tradition paving the way for a practical way of life and forming the very basis and foundation of Indian tradition and culture. Therefore indian culture is a superior example of this richness and vastness of ancient and inner wisdom.

If one analyses this deeply one will become aware that this ancient tradition scientifically forms the foundation and guide of every step of our life and gives one a way forward.Every step has been
determined with a scientific thought and a practical way of life that is made easy and simple to guide a human right from the times he wakes up till the time that he sleeps. Even though over the weathering ages of time a lot may have been lost and many may have followed the other way due to many global and cultural influences, one can be sure that this scientific culture with its practical ways will definitely gain attention and attract one sooner or later back towards itself.

“Parikalp yogam” is a meaningful and simple effort to revive this disappearing culture and establish its scientific, spiritual and yogic roots once again which is being gradually lost due to many reasons and influences. Today unfortunately, for most people yoga is synonymous to back bending strenuous physical exercises which is afar from reality. But in fact, yoga is an inner joyful spiritual experience meant to reunite one with ones inner soul which is not possible without the guidance and complete knowledge of yogic sadhnanas.

Yogic “asanas” are only a small fraction of the vast ocean of yogic sadhanas, even then they should not be thought of as physical exercises, but should be done with a slow and steady focused pace so that they can leave their everlasting effect on the outer and inner worlds. If done correctly as per scriptural knowledge, asanas can increase willpower, concentration and eradicate suffering by
increasing our capacity to bear pain. Yogic asanas increase ones pain bearing threshold and bring about peace of mind, thereby bringing about a change in perspective, which can help one get rid of their worries and find solutions to problems of everyday life with effortless ease.

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