“In the practice of Yoga one can emphasize the body, the mind or the self and hence the effort can never be fruitless.”

India has always been recognized as a land of Yoga, where this ancient art originated almost six thousand years ago. It is a practice of uniting the mind and body to achieve a perfect harmony. It’s not just another form of exercise, but a way of life. But in today’s modern world, stress is a given which is surely not at all good for our physical and mental health. Yoga replaces this pressure off our minds with calm and tranquility. Leading the yogic way of life brings a greater harmony in our thoughts and actions. In today’s modern work life, our brain is constantly engaged due to multi-tasking and never rests even in repose. As a result, you lack focus, vitality and often not able to make use of optimum cognitive abilities. Practicing yoga cease this endless flow of ideas that run in our mind. It calms the brain, providing it the much needed nourishment through breathing exercises which in turn fosters inner peace. Yoga teaches you to be kind to yourself and to others as well. It helps an individual to dispose of emotional, physical and mental blockages and elevates to a higher plane of existence.

‘Parikalp’ is a word of Sanskrit origin, which means to ‘design’ or ‘create’. Being true to our name, our foundation started with a vision of purifying each seeker at a physical, mental and spiritual level by crafting yogic sequences to achieve the desired holistic wellness. We, at Parikalp Yogam, aim to inspire change to improve quality of life of the people that we work with through Yoga. We believe that yoga happens beyond a mat and tries to attain equilibrium between the mind –which exists in future and the body – which exists in the past. Yoga helps in bringing them together in the present. Connecting to our inner self feels very difficult sometimes but through yoga and meditation, you can achieve it and empower yourself to live a more fulfilling life. At Parikalp Yogam, we treat each seeker as a unique individual and try to instill positivity and discipline. Our skilled trainers ensure that the seeker delves deep into the wisdom that this ancient practice has to offer and explain how it can be adapted in the 21st Century life.

In addition to our expertise and values, what make us unique are the choices that we have to offer pertaining to the needs of every seeker. Our mandate is to provide different programs suiting variable requirements – Beginner’s Parikalpam, perfect for individuals who want to get started with the basics and immerse in this life changing journey by learning the fundamentals of Yoga. Integrated Parikalpam suits best to seekers who have already completed the Beginner’s program and wish to delve deeper into the science of attaining peace in the active mind and sub-conscious mind. Furthermore, it will bring more flexibility and strength to your body. Next in line we have Dynamic Parikalpam, which is an advanced 5 days program. It has been specifically designed for bringing finesse in performing complex asanas through meditation. It is appropriate for those who have completed the Integrated Parikalpam course and desire to build strength and body awareness. Lastly, Parikalp Ashtang Yog is a form of classical yoga which involves learning of highly structured and demanding yoga sequences along with the purification of the body and mind. But, this course is specifically meant for those who have mastered the asanas of Dynamic Parikalpam as it involves swiftly transitioning between different Yoga poses that requires prior knowledge and experience. Ashtang Yog is a bit challenging and requires strength as well. Apart from these, we also offer a variety of certificate courses as well comprising of a descriptive and well structured course curriculum designed by maintaining a balance between traditional and contemporary perceptions. These courses are suitable for anyone who is willing to spread knowledge to others by gaining professional expertise.


We aim at building society across the globe upon fundamentals of our ancient yogic teachings and philosophy and thereby achieving greater wellbeing and welfare for every individual soul on the earth.


Ms. Charu Modi

Charu Modi is an Indian entrepreneur and the promoter and share holder of the K.K. Modi group. Modi is the founder and CEO of the over a decade old, Modi Academic International Institute (MAII). Charu Modi began running Stratford University running courses to MAII. Thus, becoming the first institution providing USA accredited programs in India. She Promote the importance of Yoga and Vedic science personally in this modern world of technology.

Ms. Rochie Rana

Rochie has been India's leading colour therapist for over a decade and a half and is currently a radio jockey with Radio Mirchi, She is also a wonderful writer. she has been a columnist for various leading publications in India for two decades, also anchored many documentaries and television shows, NDTV, Good Time being the primary channel to host several of them. She is strong believer of Yogic Practice and follower of Guruji.

Mr. Avadhesh Dixit

Avadhesh Dixit is CHRO at Acuity Knowledge Partners. He is a global HR leader who has led HR function at Moody’s Corporation (India Region), GE Capital (India), Tata Consultancy Services and CMC Ltd both In India and outside India He is a keen enthusiast in all areas related to "holistic well-being".

Mr. Rajeshwar Tiwari

A consultant and Director in Yoga Certification Board, Ministry of AYUSH. Presently, working in main Ministry of AYUSH and looking after the work of Yoga Certification Board, Naturopathy Certification Board, National Board for Promotion and Development of Yoga & Naturopathy and other policy matter, major projects relating to Yoga in the Country, abroad.

Mr. Nisheeth Kumar

Nisheeth Kumar is a founder member and Chief, Operations of Knowledge Links, a leading consulting outfit based out of India that specialises in large scale training and capacity building, particularly on community led change initiatives, both in India and the South Asian region. He is also a founder member of the Alliance for Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction (AADRR), the largest civil society network in India with more than 200 NGOs working on DRR and CCA initiatives on the ground in India.

Mr. Vivek Kumar

Mr. Vivek Kumar is Senior DCM in Indian Railway at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, he has been keenly involved in the practice of yoga. Strongly believe in yogic living to prevent and manage mental and physical disorders. He proclaims having benefited immensely from yogic practices and hopes for greater involvement and service through Parikalp Yogam Foundation in the years to come.

Mr. Ganesh Avinash Mishra

Ganesh Avinash Mishra Co- Director Parikalp Yogam Foundation, Advance Yoga master, Achieved higher level of consciousness through yoga and Pranayama. He is having more then four decade of experience, with strong mission to bring Yogic practice in daily routine of person at all economic and social level he bring his dream project in the form of Parikalp Yogam foundation under Guidance and blessings of Guruji.

Dr. Aneeta Verma

Aneeta Verma Co- Director Parikalp Yogam Foundation, leading wellness consultant in DelhiNcr, working on lifestyle and psychosomatic disorders including thyroid, PCOD, Hypertension, Obesity, Diabetes etc since 2011 She believes Yoga and Yogic Living in all form is the best Ancient science of preventive healthcare . Advance Yogic Exercise therapy & Nutrition is her core area of interest. Feel special to bring holistic wellness through Parikal in everyones life.

Dr. Purnima Dhar

Dr. Purnima Dhar is a senior consultant and Director in the department of Anaesthesiology at Delhi's Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.On a non-professional front she is involved with non-profitorganisation "Aarohi" working for healthcare, education and livelihood generation in rural Uttrakhand. She is the person who is deeply convinced about the value of Yog and naturopathy in physical and mental wellbeing, especially among the rural communities that have limited access to healthcare.

Mr. Sant Raj

Mr. Sant Raj is a Life Coach. He carries over 10 years of experience in field of Counselling, Guiding Students, Parents, Couples and Corporate. He is an Advance Yoga practitioner and Yoga Trainer thus helping new way to make their mark in the field of their expertise. He has been associated with many Education Institutions and corporates. One of the leading healer at Parikalp Yogam Foundation.

Mr. Kaushal Kumar Kamal

Mr. Kaushal Maters in Yoga science has his own amazing experience in YOGA. He is exploring it every second as his life is now dedicated to yoga only. Being highly qualified and experienced in Yoga he possess specialization in yogic healing. His teaching skills are evidence of positive impact of Yoga on body and brain. He is the one of leading Yoga master in Parikalp Yogam Foundation.

Dr Ajai Kumar Pandey

MRCPsych, MSc, PGDip-Pschyotherapy, MBBS

Dr Ajai is Consultant Psychiatrist based in London for the past 17 years. He specialises in adult mental health problems including depression, anxiety, ocd, insomnia and stress related mental health problems. He is particularly interested in supporting people going through a period of crisis in their mental health.

He hails from the ancient city of Prayagraj in northern India, a city seeped in mysticism and spirituality. He learned the subtle art of Raja Yoga from Sri Ganesh Avinash Mishra in 1998-99 when he was doing his MBBS course at the Moti Lal Nehru Medical College-Prayagraj. He considers himself fortunate to have continued in the good graces of his Guru over the years.

Dr Ajai has been running introductory classes in Yoga and Meditation for many in london. He believes Yoga-Meditation could hold the key to manage the increasing burden of mental health problems in modern society.

Mr. Omvir Singh

He is the one of core promoter of Parikalp also providing technical support, He is B.Tech , LL.B. MBA , 7 years in product development domain Currently ,Asstt.Controller of Patents & Designs in the O/o of Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trademarks, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Govt. Of India. He is one of Guriji"s follower and believer of Yoga therapy.